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1. Clearly, the "Window of Opportunity" closes quickly for hitters, pitchers and all players who aren't prepared with advanced skill and expert knowledge that can be used to separate themselves from the pack.
2. In fact, there is a realistic possibility of serious arm injuries if pitching mechanics are faulty.
3. The hidden MPH inside of you will never be revealed costing you precious pitching opportunities, huge fun, and possibly a baseball scholarship.
4. Clearly, you will continue to worry and focus on your batting average and or ERA because you don't and won't know how to change the way you think on the baseball field which will continue your frustration, fear, and anxiety of failure.
5. It is clearly evident that you will continue to use a pitching instructor who chooses to guess about their evaluation of your sons pitching and or hitting mechanics than to get educated by videotaping.
6. Obviously, you will never get the feedback of what your problems really are.
7. In fact, without learning a new mindset, the player who makes a mistake will play tentatively because of his fear of failure and will stop taking risks which is a key to growing and playing well. They will play to avoid mistakes.
8. There is no question that your player will never learn how to let go of mistakes and just flush them down the toilet in order to stay present for the NEXT PITCH which is where the action is.
9. As a matter of fact, you will never know what is keeping your player from using his body to create more force in their pitching and hitting.
10. Certainly, your pitcher will never learn how to increase their velocity from the low 80's to the high 80's because they and you won't understand what is keeping this from happening.
11. There is no question that you must ask yourself what you are doing right now to improve your son's hitting and or pitching skills.
12. Certainly, you will waste this off season hoping that your sons skills get better and praying that he improves for next year.
13. As a matter of fact, like so many others, you will waste hundreds or thousands of $ on unqualified pitching and hitting instructors that do not know how to videotape and interpret the data on film, thus they do not videotape.
14. As a matter of fact, your son's pitching and hitting skills will deteriorate as a result of poor instruction.
15. Obviously, you will have absent the most valuable skill for helping pitchers improve, videotape!
16. In fact, you will say to yourself what my clients have been telling me for ten years, " I wish I had done this three years ago!".
17. There is no question that you will waste the most important time period to improve your pitching or hitting skills, the offseason.
18. Clearly, if you wait you will lose the opportunity the hugely improve your sons skills.
19. As a matter of fact, you will be guessing with your sons pitching and/or hitting.
20. Obviously, you will be practicing insanity. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.
21. There is no question that your son will continue to try to find more velocity with his pitching by doing things such as long toss, drills, and being in the weight room. In fact, none of these activities have been scientifically proven to increase a pitchers velocity.
22. Your son will continue to not improve on his pitching and or hitting because they are wasting time on actions that don't work.
23. There is no question that your son may not be in the approximately 3 in 50, or about 6.3 % of high school senior boys that go on to play men's baseball at a NCAA member institution if that is his goal and dream.
24. Certainly, the likelihood of your son being in the nine in 100, or about 9.1 % of NCAA baseball players that get drafted by a Major League Baseball team greatly diminishes if that is his goal or dream.
25. Certainly, inconsistent pitching, hitting, or fielding performance will lead to inconsistent playing time or the player being put on the bench.
26. Obviously, a players career being cut short prematurely do to being cut from the team because the other players have better baseball mechanics and skills due to receiving superior instruction.
27. As a matter of fact, the coach has no confidence in the player due to poor performance and does not give the player another opportunity to perform to redeem himself.
28. The fact is, many players decide to quit baseball because they are not playing, as a result of the coach not having any confidence in them due to their poor performance.
29. Clearly, the player has no confidence in his abilities due to lack of success in his pitching, hitting, or fielding game and cannot perform at the level necessary to participate on the team.
30. Evidently, the player has no confidence in his abilities and decides to quit baseball because of poor performance, nervousness, or anxiety about the competition on the field.
31. Obviously, the player would rather sit on the bench instead of competing due to his lack of confidence as he feels safer on the bench.
32. As a matter of fact, a kid loses his self esteem as a result of no longer being part of his baseball team because he was cut from his team.
33. Clearly, the player only gets to play against sub-par competition because his coach thinks the players skills will not be sufficient enough to allow him to pitch, hit, or play against the best players and competition.
34. In fact, the player only has confidence in facing lesser competition because he has never had any success hitting off of the best pitchers or pitching against the best hitters.
35. It is clearly evident that the player cannot compete against the best pitchers or hitters because his game plan, thinking, understanding, and strategy is not advanced enough to compete. In fact, he is not baseball educated enough to compete with smarter players.
36. There is no question that when there is a pressure situation at bat, on the mound, or in the field, that the player does not want to be involved because he gets nervous or anxious and has failed repeatedly in these situations.
37. In fact, the player consistently gets jammed at bat and cannot hit the ball hard on a line when facing high velocity pitching.
38. As a matter of fact, the pitcher cannot consistently throw strikes and is always walking to many hitters in addition to complaining about his arm hurting.
39. We can all agree that the hitter or the pitcher that cannot compete against top rate competition will not attract the attention of the top College, High School, and Select Team coaches.
40. Certainly, the pitcher that cannot throw with excellent or above average velocity will not attract the attention of top level College, High School, Select, Travel, or All-Star team coaches.
41. It is clearly evident that the hitter cannot hit advanced pitching because he does not understand proper hitting strategy. In fact, he is a bad hitter with two strikes and strikes out entirely too much to be selected to participate on a top level team.
42. Everyone knows that the pitcher cannot compete against the best hitters because he does not have an above average fastball, change-up, or curveball that he can throw for strikes 70 % of the time.
43. Obviously, the hitter cannot hit high velocity pitchers because of his faulty hitting mechanics and a poor understanding of hitting. As a matter of fact, he doesn't not know how to make the necessary adjustments needed from pitch to pitch in an at bat.
44. Everyone knows that the player suffers because the coaching he is getting is sub-standard at his level of competition and his skills are getting worse instead of improving.
45. In fact, all of his baseball friends are getting better while he is getting worse or left behind.
46. As a matter of fact, he will not be ready to compete for a spot on the high school baseball team due to his lack of hitting and or pitching skills and he will not make the team.
47. As a matter of fact, he will not know how to make the necessary adjustments on the field to keep up with the better and smarter players.
48. There is no question that your player is being benched because other players on the team are improving on their hitting, pitching, and fielding etc., and your player isn't improving.
49. Obviously, you will not end your frustration about what is holding back your sons pitching, hitting, fielding or overall baseball talent.

So can I ask you a question? If you don't do this, what are you going to do?

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